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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight the flu season is hitting hard and a rush to get the sacks seen has created a supply -- vaccine has created a supply shortage, what local hospitals are doing to keep you healthy. >> more than mail onpeople unable to reach 911 -- a million people unable to reach 911 during last summer's
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derecho storm, now details how it could have been avoided >> and a police officer sworn to protect and serve is accused of sexually abusing an underage girl, new details about this case. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. we begin with the flu virus running rampant. hospitals nationwide are swamped with people with flu symptoms. the states in red is where the cdc is reporting widespread of the nasty virus. >> now crowds are flocking to get flu shots and that is creating supply shortages. fox 5's audrey barnes has more. >> this early onset of the flu is causing a run on the flu vaccine in the d.c. area. some doctor's offices and local pharmacies have run out. the shortage has healthcare providers scrambling to restock and people afraid of the flu scrambling to get protection wherever they can. the doctors at metropolitan
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pediatrics in rockville started seeing cases of the flu in october and they just keep coming. >> we've had probably 20 or 25 cases the past two weeks. >> reporter: now they're out of flu vaccine. >> we ordered about 12 or 1,300 doses expecting it was going to be a rough year since last year was so mild and we ran out just about a week ago. >> reporter: and they're not alone. this early onset of the flu has caused a run on the vaccine at d.c. area doctor's offices and pharmacies including the pediatric veriage on massachusetts avenue. the office -- village on massachusetts avenue. the office manager said they won't have any until monday. that's why little nima and his mom ended up inside the cvs pharmacy inside of tenleytown. >> we called his pediatrician and they ran out of the vaccine. >> reporter: the cvs pharmacy itself is out of the vaccine, but the clinic tucked inside the store still has come available, good news for
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preschool teacher paul gregare. this was the fourth stop for rosalie duland. >> we waited in line there and they said we're out. we went back to my neighborhood and they said oh, we're out. we won't have them until 2:00 tomorrow. so we came here. >> reporter: with virginia, d.c. and maryland reporting unusually high levels of the flu already the vaccine shortage could get worse and get this. more than 128 million doses of vaccine have been distributed nationwide already. that's 95% of what manufacturers provided this year. >> i just sort of figured get it now while i'm here. just be patient and wait because it will be worth it. >> reporter: since the flu season hasn't even peaked yet doctors say it's worth the hunt for a shot. >> the recommendation is officially to still get the vaccine if you have had the flu so you're protected against the other two strains in case they crop up this year. >> the vaccine shortages at
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some pharmacies like cvs and giant are scattered. some may be out only a day or two while they wait for deliveries, so keep checking. urgent care clinics are a good alternative and the emergency room is your last resort. we posted a link to a flu vaccine finder on click web links. >> that will come in handy, audrey. thank you. we are following a developing story out of anne arundel tonight. four pedestrians in the hospital after a car hit them, sky fox over the scene at quarterfield route and the route 100 east on ramp, two adults, two juveniles. at least two sustained life threatening injuries. the vehicle that hit them stayed on the scene. tonight police are trying to figure out how it happened. another big story, the fallout from emergency services disruptured. more than 1 million people in virginia unable to reach 911
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during the derecho, now the fcc verizon phone outage could have been avoided. fox 5's maureen umeh with the story. >> the system failure was called preventible and unacceptable. today the fcc announced plans to launch a rule making to help strengthen the reliability of 911 communications. the damage during last june's degrees derecho was mass -- june's derecho was massive. 77 emergency call centers serving more than 3.6 million customers in six state lost phone connections including information on call locations. virginia was one of the states hit particularly hard with most of its 911 centers experiencing partial or complete outages for several days. >> what happened during the derecho must never happen again. it was horrible. >> and the federal communications commission agrees with fairfax county
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board supervisor sharon boliva, one of the first lawmakers to speak out about the outage. thursday the fcc issued a staff report on the 911 failure saying the problems could have been avoided if the communications providers that routes calls to call centers had fully itch meanted industry best practices and -- implemented industry best practices and called the disruption unacceptable and said the bureau would do whatever was necessary to ensure the reliability of 911. its recommendations include maintaining adequate central office backup power, having reliable network monitoring systems and conducting periodic audits of 911 circuits. boliva says she's seen some progress hoping there's more to help avoid any possible 911 failures. >> i think that they've made a lot of progress. first of all, in coming back and giving some assurances as to what technical changes they've made. one of the most important
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things that they've realized is that they've really let us down. >> verizon has taken several steps to improvement. they say the next step is reviewing the fcc's report and recommendations. we're 10 days into january. you wouldn't know it if you stepped outside. how long will this winter warm- up stick around? turn thing over to fox 5's sue palka in northwest. should we break out the shorts here? >> reporter: i'll bet you'll break out the shorts. i have a feeling a lot of people might be tempted when they see the weekend temperatures in just a bit we'll show you on the news at 10:00, but yes, we're talking about a january thaw. it's pretty typical every season to have at least a spell in january that's bove inarmal. we're getting ours now and believe me -- normal. we're getting ours now and believe me, for those of you who don't like this warm stuff, we've got something for you,
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too. 57 degrees was the high here, atlanta 68 degrees, tampa 84 degrees today and new orleans 70. check out temperatures right now. it's 46 in the district and that's significant because that 10:00 temperature is 3 degrees warmer than our average high for the day would be. we don't even see many places in the 30s, frederick down to 37, one of the colder spots it. doesn't look like it's going to be that -- spots. it doesn't look like it's going to be that cold tonight. we'll have some clouds coming into the picture to help keep temperatures near 40. heading into the weekend is when the warm stuff comes. you can see both the air masses. one of reasons we'll warm up so much is because we've got a really big push of cold air that will seesaw down through the west and that will make the other half of the seesaw go up on the east coast. mild conditions, warm temperatures and what are we talking about? how about 15 to 30 degrees above normal. that's for the weekend.
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in the short term for tomorrow when you head out, make sure you grab one of these and put it in the car. looks like we'll have a few showers the second half of the day. we'll talk more about that, how much we can expect and how you how warm we think it will get over the weekend and yes, when winter returns to d.c. with the seven-day in a little bit. >> hopefully it's a long way off. we'll see you. thanks. now a news alert in maryland, police are searching for this man, clayton mullenhoff. we're told he escaped from washington venice hospital in montgomery county last night. he suffers from paronoia and is suicidal and has a history of violence and is known to carry weapons and has extensive rtial arts training. police say do not approach him. >> he seems to be more defensive to people who are in authority who want to take him into custody. i would tell citizens still not approach him. i did put his picture out there and just maybe call our department and let us know where you've seen him and let them go find him.
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>> police believe mullenhoff may have left the area already. they say he likes to take long walks and bus rides. they since notified all surrounding police departments. again if you see him, give police a call. now a story you saw first on fox 5, a d.c. police officer accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl in his church choir was arraigned today in superior court. wendel apartmenter pleaded guilty. fox 5's karen gray houston has the story. >> reporter: defense attorney harold martin on the left had no comment for reporters as he left court. we believe the gentleman on his right is a relative of wendel palmer at the family run temple church of christ apostolic where the alleged sex abuse occurred. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: that was the reaction from neighbors when we stopped by wendel palmer's house on reed circle in ft. washington. christmas decorations including a manger scene are still up and what appear to be church vans
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parked in the driveway. none of the street residents we spoke to wanted to be named. >> because he seemed like such a nice guy, but i had no idea. i mean you never know who is living next to you. >> great surprise, a shock. it's unthinkable. >> reporter: according to a court affidavit, the sex abuse of an unidentified minor began at this church when she was in her 6th grade year and continued from when she was 11 to 13. palmer was the church choir director who allegedly sexually assaulted the girl in the pastor's office between rehearsal breaks when he sent other youth choir members to the store. >> wow, wow. i mean that's disheartening. that's alarming to hear. >> reporter: and he's a d.c. police officer. >> yeah. and that on top of it. if you can't trust -- the police are here to protect and serve, so if you can't trust your law enforcement, who can
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you trust? >> reporter: your youth choir director. >> or the priest or the minister or whomever. it's pretty sad. >> reporter: the judge ordered palmer held pending preliminary hearing tuesday and granted a motion to keep him segregated from the rest of the jail population. the alleged victim make the charges against palmer is 19 years old now. she went to the police in march after her mother called the child and family services agency hotline. at d.c. superior court, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. pro gun groups including the nra made their case to vice president joe biden today as the obama administration aims to curb gun violence. we'll tell you how today's meeting played out. >> also ahead tonight. >> reporter: this may look like a doctor's office, but it's actually one of the d.c.'s new medical marijuana dispensaries. i'm beth parker. i'll take you on a tour coming
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up. >> later on the news edge, the real star of argo, meet the maryland man who is not only responsible for the american success story but may wind up with an oscar, also. 
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a news alert from colorado where a judge ruled this evening there is sufficient evidence to warrant a trial for suspected movie theater gunman james holmes. the preliminary hearing was held this week to determine whether the case should go to trial. holmes is accused of murdering 12 people, wounding 70 others in july. he's scheduled to be formerly charged tomorrow. his lawyers asked for the arraignment to be delayed. a 16-year-old california student is in custody after he brought a shot gun and 20 rounds of ammunition to school this morning in taft union high school in taft, california. the gunman shot one student and missed another. the victim is in critical but stable condition. a teacher distracted the teen gunman and got more than two dozen students out a backdoor. a campus supervisor talked the gunman into surrendering. vice president joe biden said he will be ready to make his recommendations to curb gun violence to the president next week.
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today he met with representatives from the gun lobby. yesterday he met with supporters of gun control. he says consensus is building on some gun control measures. fox's craig boswell has the latest. >> you all know this is a complicated issue. >> reporter: vice president joe biden says he'll have a list of proposals to help reduce gun violence ready for president obama by tuesday. >> a surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks. >> reporter: the vice president says he's focused on the types of weapons that can be owned. also among the suggestions from the task force is a ban on high capacity gun clips and closing the gun show loophole. the administration says it's looking for legislative proposals and may try executive action. >> the truth is that through executive action it's very tough for the white house to make that much of a difference. they're not going to ban the sale of certain ammunition or weapons. they're not going to close the gun show loopholes. >> reporter: gun show promotes are say attendance is up
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dramatically. the loophole allows unlicensed sellers to sell weapons without a background check. president obama asked for the background check after the mass shooting of 20 students and six educators in newtown, connecticut, last month. biden met with the nra. the group opposes gun control efforts. vice president buy den will meet with representatives of the -- biden will meet with the representatives of the video game association friday. >> the nra released a statement saying, "we are disappointed with how little this meeting when to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amountment." president obama named jack lew for budget secretary. some republicans are skeptical say the lew was less than honest about president obama's budget and its effects on the
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nation's debt. the district is joining 18 states that have approved medical marijuana. in march those identified by the department of health will be able to buy up to 2 ounces of pot a month. here's fox 5's beth parker with our first glimpse into one of the dispensaries. >> reporter: it looks like a typical high end office, but you'll notice a lot of cameras around here, serious security. >> it's got the same kind of level security as in a bank. >> reporter: that's because this is capital city care, one of d.c.'s first medical marijuana dispensaries. es. >> you essentially just walked in the front door. this is the initial receptionist counter. >> reporter: david guard is the general manager who will oversee the upcoming opening. there's no marijuana here yet, but guard says they're already ready. >> i'm thrilled because i've seen it happen. i've seen ms patients ingest this. i've seen cancer, aids, hiv patients. i know it works. here you are. this is where we'll have not
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one, but two salesperson nell. >> reporter: there will be shelves lined with six to eight varieties of marijuana. >> it will look a lot greener. >> reporter: theirs will be grown under these lights at a cultivation center. patients must have a recommendation from a doctor and approval from the d.c. department of health. >> they're doing the right thing. they're being very careful. they're not trying to draw the ire of anyone. these are severely ill people that really require this medicine. >> reporter: people with cancer, aids, hiv, glaucoma and ms can be eligible. they put the dispensary on north capitol street because it's a route people know, there's bus service and they also like the fact that the u.s. capitol is right down the street. >> it's very important to us that people associate us with the capitol of the country because we really do think that we can make a huge change. we want to be what medical marijuana can and should be. we want to be a shining example of that and great community steward. >> reporter: guard had a
10:21 pm
graduate school friend diagnosed with brain cancer. >> then it became extremely personal. >> reporter: he says he's seen what medical marijuana can do. >> it's life changing. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> that dispensary expects to start selling in march. it will also provide free counseling to those who request it. shakeup in the inauguration lineup, why a minister is dropping out days before the ceremony. >> plus d.c. leaders are putting the pressure on the president. council member mary cheh joins me next to talk about her meeting at the white house tomorrow.   um, hello.
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it was president obama's first choice to lead the benediction at the president's second inauguration, but the reverend louie zilo from atlanta has withdrawn his name. he came under fire for comments he made about gay members 15
10:25 pm
years ago. a spokesperson for the inaugural committee says members were not aware of the comments. members of the d.c. council are going to the white house tomorrow hoping to get the president to agree to put the taxation without representation license plates on his limo and other official vehicles. council member mary cheh will be part of the mission and joins us live tonight. thanks so much for being here. >> certainly. >> originally we were told this would happen in such a dramatic fashion, 13 members of the d.c. council marching to the white house to deliver the plates, even if it meant just tossing them over the white house fence, but now we're hearing it's been watered down and is just you and council chair phil mendelson. what happened? >> it wasn't exactly as you described. after we passed the resolution asking the president to put on these plates with the phrase taxation without representation, it occurred to me we shouldn't just let be it passing a resolution that, we
10:26 pm
should have some way of delivering it. so i thought it would be a good idea if all the council members could walk over to the white house and deliver it unto someone. so i called the white house, the intergovernmental affairs office and said is there somebody we could give this to and that led to some discussions about well, maybe we should actually sit down. you come into the west wing and i said i would have to bring the chairman, too, as a matter of protocol. so that's how that happened. >> it was sort of the white house who said no, don't bring all 13 members. just pare this down. >> no. they thought it would be more productive if we had a conversation because at the end of the day what i'd like to do is i'd like to have the president support us. if that would make it more likely, that's the way i'd want it to go. >> will you get to meet with president tomorrow or representatives? >> i'm meeting with representatives? >> what is the message?
10:27 pm
what do you hope? we know you want the license plates on the cars, but what message will you give to them? >> most people in the united states don't understand that we are taxed by the federal government but have no voting representation. that's why it's a fact. it says taxation without representation and we put it on the plate to draw attention to it. what better way to draw attention to that plight of ours than for the president to have the same fact stated on his plates and what better way than during the inauguration with the parade down pennsylvania avenue where everybody would see it? >> absolutely. are you frustrated that we saw the plates on former president bill clinton's vehicles. they were not on george bush's vehicles. are you frustrated here we are going into the second term of barack obama's presidency and they're still not on his car? >> certainly. we're quite disappointed because we have supported president obama beyond any measure and have been as loyal group of people that you could possibly want and so this modest little gesture, which is
10:28 pm
again not ideology but rather a fact, we thought was something that he could and should do for us. >> we wish you all the best tomorrow, d.c. council member mary cheh, thanks so much for coming in tonight. >> sure. coming up a major change that could affect the way you sleep, why the feds are lowering the doses of ambiens and other sleeping pills. >> and later the special honor that will help chuck brown's legacy live on in the district.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. in tonight's health alert a major change that could affect sleeping patterns for people that suffer from insomnia. the fda is ordering lower doses of ambien and other sleeping pills to prevent side effects. fox's anna coyman has more. >> reporter: if you have efforts with sleeping, a new decision by the fda could leave you tossing and turning. the agency is now ordering
10:32 pm
drugmakers to lower dosages of the drug. >> for a lot of patients it's becoming a little addictive, you know, and they rely on ambien constantly now to go to sleep. >> reporter: according to the centers for disease control and prevention, about 70 million americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. last year alone doctors issued close to 40 million prescriptions for sleep inducing drugs like ambien and while the meds are said to be nonhabit forming, their lingering affects could affect your alertness. >> we see a lot of people that have gotten themselves in automobile accidents where they are driving and lose that cognitive connection with their driving skills. >> reporter: research shows morning drowsiness can interfere with driving increasing the risk of car accidents. the fda says a key ingredient in the pills zolfedem stays in women's bodies longer and are ordering drugmakers to cut regular doses in half to 5 milligrams for women and
10:33 pm
suggest lower zones for machine as well. the fda receive -- men as well. the fda has received a number of car accidents connected to the ingredient in years, but it's not known how big of role sleeping pills played in the incident. patients should take their currently prescribed dose until they can talk to their doctor. meantime the dea is pushing for tighter restrictions on the most widely used drug in the nation, the painkiller vicodin. they're hoping the fda will put these drugs in a different category which could make them harder to get and abuse. a pathology report shows former nfl player junior seau had a degenerative brain disease when he shot and killed himself last year. the national institutes of health studied seau's brain at his family's request. doctors found abnormalities consistent with the disease known as cte likely brought on by years of repeated hits to the head. cte is believed to have caused
10:34 pm
depression, memory loss and dementia in a number of former football players. joining us now to explain more is dr. michael yokelson from national medstar hospital. how do repeated head injuries lead to a disease? >> thank you for having me. so we are very familiar with what happens in concussion on a one time basis, but what we have learned over many years of studying this is that you end up with multiple concussions or multiple brain injuries, you can develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy or cte and it becomes a degenerative process that over type can look very much like alzheimer's and have other symptoms besides just the cognitive problems or the dementia and it can cause depression and other such symptoms. >> i guess it makes sense that these injuries came from playing football, but i wonder
10:35 pm
about other very violent sports like boxing. you don't hear about -- at least you haven't over the last, i guess, 10, 20, 30 years boxers kind of suffering from have, have you or are we just out of the loop here? >> we certainly used to. muhammad ali i think is a perfect example. we used to call it something else, dementia pugilistic, but in essence it was the repeat active head injury, the same pathologic process, and one of the reasons we don't see it in boxing like we used to is because they've changed the rules and regulations of the game to prevent the repetitive head contact as we are unfortunately continuing to see in football. >> how should the nfl move forward when it comes to these types of injuries? are there ways to diagnose this and prevent after football type incidents like junior seau who ended up taking his life? >> certainly the best way to prevent it is to prevent the
10:36 pm
initial brain injury itself, so preventing head to head contact. unfortunately you can even get concussions without head to head contact. so a significant enough blow to the chest or a whiplash type of injury could even cause a concussion, but eliminating the direct head to head blows would help reduce the incidence of this. >> doctor, thanks for coming. in. coming up metro, the good news for raiders and why it may not last -- riders and why it may not last long. >> plus the fbi is getting ready to relocate outside the district, the tug of war between maryland and virginia. droid dna augmentation initiated.
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should images taken of osama bin laden during and after he was killed be released to the public? a federal appeals court heard arguments in the case today. a conservative watchdog group wants the photos released. the federal government argued the photos could be used as propaganda and inspire violence against u.s. troops. a lower court already denied the group's request. there is an all out effort to bring the fbi headquarters to northern virginia. local leaders are trying to come up with a strategy to relocate the headquarters in the commonwealth. six locations were discussed. congressman jim moran summoned the group. they agreed to support one preferred site in virginia. >> though we individually represent different constituencies and potential fbi relocation sites, our singular focus as a bipartisan delegation is bringing the fbi to virginia. >> the new facility would need to be more than 2 million square feet and hold about
10:41 pm
11,000 employees. meanwhile maryland senator barbara mikulski is endorsing prince george's county. montgomery county is also in the running. tonight on the news edge a new tool to find bank robbers on the run, a look at surveillance photos that will be posted online and around town. >> plus a real live version of snakes on a plane, the video captured by passengers at 11:00. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:: the big hot pastrami melt.
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good news, the cost of riding metro won't be going up this year, but it's only a temporary retrieve. some metro board members are concerned about the agency's financial future with the rider ship down. fox 5's sherri ly has more. >> reporter: metro riders expect to ante up, if not this year than the next. transit agency says expect fares to go up every two years at a time when many riders are feeling the pain of last year's
10:45 pm
board hike. >> it's up to the board to decide whether or not they want to approve that or the. >> reporter: the possibility of future fare hikes frustrates many riders who haven't seen the return for their money. >> i pray these are only growing pains, but it seems as though our actual quality of transportation has diminished throughout washington and it seems protracted. >> reporter: revenue and ridership are down in the proposed budget in, part because the last fare increase drove people like rosario gomez away. >> i work like 6 blocks. i used to -- before i used to take a ride in a bus. now i walk. >> reporter: metro should get a financial boost now that a transit subsidy for federal workers was restored from 125 to $240 in the fiscal cliff deal. cities and counties metro serves are being asked to pick up an additional $27 million tab to account for the shortfall in revenue, much needed money for services.
10:46 pm
>> we'll extend the silver line. we're improving bus on time performance. we're improving on time performance and providing metro extra service in this budget. >> reporter: it comes at a cost. >> i'm from omaha where we don't have a metro. this is a luxury. >> reporter: metro is tapping surplus money from the previous year to meet its budget, but counting on that money to be there every year given the uncertainty with funding, with ridership and revenues on the decline makes some board members nervous. in the newsroom sherri ly, fox 5 news. time for a little good news. sue palka is here. >> maybe not so many metro riders, they'll want to walk. let me say we're talking more about the weekend than tomorrow. tomorrow is not as warm and there will probably be showers in the afternoon. we can use the rain. the clouds are coming in tonight, though. and that is helping keep us mild once again tonight. i think our low temperatures
10:47 pm
will probably be close to 40 degrees and maybe some mid-30s for those of you living north and west, but the headline tonight is about the showers. we don't want that to catch you by surprise. i'm not sure it will be a lot of rain. we need a little something, even if it just settles the dust. you can see the clouds coming in tonight and a couple light showers aloft, nothing really hitting the ground yet. we do expect that perhaps the atmosphere will continue to get moistened up, but that won't happen until tomorrow afternoon, maybe after 3:00 or so. a lot of this moisture from the big system we were watching down through the deep south is starting to go to the north, but notice it's moving south to north and not necessarily moving northeast. it will be a little while before we see it. bottom line, expect a lot of clouds tomorrow, some clouds in the afternoon. we're watching another big storm system. this will produce snow for the northern plains and northern rockies and it's a lot of cold air that is sinking south through this region. that big push of cold air out
10:48 pm
west is why we are going to be advertising quite a warm-up into the weekend. here's the atmosphere. 12 degrees in great falls, 28 in boise, 25 in in salt lake city, denver 32 degrees, but over to the other side of the country and we're looking at all the warmth here, current temperatures, 73 in tampa, 62 atlanta, d.c. 46 and boston 37. so when that seesaw is getting going and the west is getting lower, the east is rising. that's why we'll see these temperatures really 15 to 30 degrees above average as we head into the weekend, again not so much tomorrow. want to confuse you with. that 41 in gaithersburg now, 37 in frederick and manassas, 39 in culpeper, 43 annapolis, 41 in stevensville. that is mild. that's closer to where we would typically be in an average day in january in the middle of january. we expect to drop to about 41 degrees in the city with a lot
10:49 pm
of clouds around, a couple colder spots down to about 34 degrees, but considering we've had so many nights in the teens that is not bad. clouds on the increase tonight help toecaps warm, 41. for friday -- to keep us warm, 41. for friday not a particularly warm day, but 50 degrees is well above the average of 43. showers arrive probably early afternoon, wet commute and i think those showers will be scattered but maybe if we're lucky, we can pick up a few 10ths of afternoon of rain. take the umbrella, clouds 8 a.m. and 42 degrees, 48 at noon, better chance of showers after 3:00 and by 4:00 at 47 i think there will probably be some showers around. check out the temperatures tomorrow. a lot of you may only be in the 40s, but heading into the weekend here's the big change- up. saturday 61 degrees, sunday 67,
10:50 pm
so we'll call it a january treat and yes, some places south of d.c. could even touch 70 degrees. here's your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. for those of you who say hey, we don't need this warm stuff, we want it to get colder, get rid of the flu bug, et cetera, et cetera, look at next week. we start out warm monday. we have some showers around and 61. then we have a dramatic drop tuesday at 46. level it out a bit wednesday with showers, a little unsettled and here we go next thursday, 41 degrees, after that might only be in the upper 30s. one thing i will say about the cold wave that may be come being the end of next week, it doesn't look like it wants to set up shop for weeks and weeks, looks like it might be a glancing blow. we'll wait and see. the models have been all over the place. >> maybe its a two-day thing. we need it warm for inauguration. this year's oscars nominations were announced this morning. there were some shocking omissions and delightful
10:51 pm
surprises. fox's ashley dvorkin has the hollywood buzz. >> reporter: it was a good early morning wakeup call for many in hollywood as nominees for movies biggest honors were announced. this year nine films got best picture nominations including lincoln topping them all with a total of 12 nods. life of pi followed second with 11 nominations. rounding out the best picture category civil lining playbook, less miserables, air -- silver lining playbook, less miserables, argo, beast of the southern wild. in the best actress category 9- year-old star is the youngest to be nominated and naomi watts
10:52 pm
for the impossible and zero park thirty's jessica chastain. >> i think you're really pretty. >> reporter: up for best actor, bradley cooper, denzel washington of flight, joaquin phoenix of the master, daniel day lewis as lincoln and hugh jackman for his title role in les mis. jackman's musical co-star anne hathaway was nominated in the supporting actress up against sally feels and helen hunt. the supporter actor --field and helen hunt. the supporting actor field that's up have all won before. as for snubs this year, those fell in the director category. >> katherine kathryn bigelow of not nominated. she's won. >> if you don't know who i am, just pre10 i'm donnies donny
10:53 pm
osmond. >> reporter: seth mcfarland was joined on stage this morning by actress emma stone. so the race is officially on for the 85th academy awards with nominees doing the red can't rounds right up until oscar's big night february 24th. in new york ashley dvorkin, fox news. coming up next d.c. has a special plan to honor the late godfather of go go, the perfect place that will carry on chuck brown's legacy. now your capital rundown with tom fitzgerald. >> it's your look at what is new and noteworthy in the week ahead. it's your capital rundown for the week of january 14th. monday the u.s. supreme court takes up bowyer versus louisiana looking at how death penalty cases were affected by louisiana delaying and paying for a defendant's lawyer. arguments begin at 10 a.m. on tuesday, january 15th, the new members of the 113th
10:54 pm
congress will be in washington for a d.c. workweek in advance of monday's inaugural. the mouse will stay in through wednesday. on wednesday, january 6 tonight, the national archives relegal -- 16th, the national archives reveals rarely seen pictures from past presidential inaugurals starting at 10 a.m. thursday, january 17th, america's mayors come to washington for the united states 81st meeting of mayors at 9 a.m. at the capitol hilton. friday there will be a meeting at 11 a.m. on massachusetts avenue. that's your capital rundown for the week of january 14th, 2013. you can find more on our website and reach us on twitter with it #capitalrundown. i'm tom fitzgerald. we'll see you next week.
10:55 pm
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the legacy of the godfather of go go will live on here in the district. today d.c. mayor vincent gray announced plans for a brand new amphitheater named after chuck brown in the district. it will be built in a part of northeast d.c. fox 5's matt ackland shows us. >> reporter: langdon park sits in a quiet part of northeast d.c. for many years on summer nights it was common to hear chuck brown's music playing here. this seemed like the perfect place to honor brown and his legacy of go go music. the park has been renamed cluck brown memorial park and this -- chuck brown memorial park and this small stage will be turned into a huge after theater. >> can't you hear the crowds gathering and everybody saying wine me up, chuck? >> reporter: -- wind me up, chuck? >> reporter: mayor gray invited brown's family for a special ceremony to unveil plans for the park. the outside will be surrounded
10:59 pm
by magnolia and cherry blossom trees and seat 900 people and will welcome all forms of music. >> we weren't expecting anything like this. this is way beyond any imagination that we ever had. it was truly an honor to honor our father like. this. >> reporter: michael o marshall designed the park. his firm's most recent work is the newly renovated howard theater where chuck brown often performed. marshall said this project couldn't hit clover to home for him. >> this is a -- closer to home for him. >> this is a very, very special project for my firm and me personally. i grew up on douglas street, went to langdon elementary school and played in langdon park as a killed. >> reporter: in a city with so many memorials for far away, mayor gray says this one is for a man cherished here at home. >> it's hard to stand here today and think the day might come and people say who is

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